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elslamo 3likom
2asef gedan ya gma3a 3la elt25eer.........
3la el3mom mo7drt m.5alid eldeeb mwgoda dlw2ty lelt7meel men 3la el-link :
elt7meel sahl gedan.........


check it out you will find more ideas


Switch: Office in a bed by Jared Schmale.Jared Schmale's goal is to combine two functions of a small room, bedroom and office, in one unit. Although this is a bedroom and office 2-in-1 design, it actually separates work and sleep by hiding one or the other. This piece fully utilizes a small room without two functions disturbing each other.i like th idea of this 2 functions ...lets see how to do such a thing in our project

Prefabricated Emergency Shelter by Alexis Smith.Alexis Smith's deployable shelter is a product of a thoughtful and careful design process. It's a light-weight shelter that requires minimum instruction to assemble. It's easy to clean in between uses. It collapses for easy transportation. Better yet, it's customizable, allowing for individual identity.


REAL IDEAS are born of real HUMAN NEEDS

hey ..everyone check this site (inhabitat)

Currently one in seven people in the world lives in a slum or refugee camp, and more than 3 billion people - nearly half the world’s population - do not have access to clean drinking water or adequate sanitation.

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اولا احب اشكر دكتور /صلاح هريدى و دكتورة /هبة ابو الفضل ومجموعة المعيدين على ورشة العمل المميزة و المفيدة جدا بالنسبة لى ولغيرى


Space 2.....

slamo 3alikom if we like open space 2 talk about anything ... lets do it
وطنى يستعمل كل المساحيق ...و البقعة تبقى ... وطنى مفعول به ....منصوب عليه ........ و فى جميع الحالات ........الفاعل مبنى :D للمجهول


Group A " alFal7een"

slamo 3alikom
first, kolena natzaker al neyaa alee atkalemna 3aliha " إنما الأعمال بالنيات ولكل أمرىء ما نوى "
second, this post 4 our group & connection with others
all info we can add in it about the comment
lets go

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Nader Khalili
Iranian born Nader Khalili, California architect/author is the world renowned Earth Architecture teacher and innovator, and author. He has been a licensed architect in the State of California since 1970, and has practiced both in the U.S. and abroad. Click here to visit Khalili's website: Cal-Earth, The California Institute for Earth Art and Architecture.
His books, Ceramic Houses and Earth Architecture: How to Build Your Own and Racing Alone document his life of searching for a method to fire mud houses and turn them to stone by firing and glazing an entire building after it is constructed from clay-earth on site.


Monday visit to cairo

hi everyone,
i just wanted to inform you about our trip destinations to start searching about thier available information and exchanging our knowledge about these places.
i think it will be more "energy effecient" if we prepare ourselves with the basic information about where we go and who we meet.

1. Misr University for Science and Technology, (6th October City)
Modern university campus with several energy-efficient buildings designed by Dr. Ahmed Abdeen (Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University)

2. Elharranya, Wissa Wassef Art Center
Weaving school near Sakkara Road: clay buildings in traditional Nubian style, architectural and educational experiment by Ramsis Wissa Wassef, was given the Aga Khan Architectural Award in 1983

3. Bait El seheemy, El-Moezz st., El-Hussien, and Al-Azhar Park
Example for climatic and cultural adaptation in Islamic architecture

p.s.(the locations that we will be concerned with and focus on in our analysis is in red color)

persons that will meet us there (inshaallah) are:
Gamal Amer - architect
Akram Elmagdoob - architect
Adam henein - artist

useful links: (hope u add to in your comments)


Exhibition In Manhaten

hi everone
first i would like to thank the staff who is working with us hard
then i would like to show this exhibition in manhaten for computer wich was known by wrong that it was made to be like el kaaba and to destory the face of el islam because it was coverd with a black to protect it at first and they think that building will be used as a casino and that is wrong idea and it was send to many pepole by email so i ask from u to change this idea .
This building has an under ground floor and the uper is the logo of the company and it was all made of glass .


Picture of the day

Ya tara bashmohandes khaled byfakkar fe eh?


Hasan Fathy

"Man's creations were natural when built of the materials offered by the landscape..." (Hasan Fathy)
hi folks,
here is some links about hasan fathy and earth architecture .... hope it initiate some discussions about him till saturday .... and ofcaurse after it :)

waiting for more .......


Green Bricks

Hi everyone . .

In the begining i want to appreciate the great effort our staff made to us . . . specailly in the great lectures . . which was so helpful to understand many things . . (our Workshop)

SO i want to be helpful . . . here is a research about the green bricks . . . we r going to use in this project . . i think we should . . . Ideas r so welcome !!!

Download link :

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from eman elbanna

hello eman elbanna betmassi 3aleko we beteb3atloko those links 3ashan el net 3andaha mosh tamam


Earth and sand architecture

Hello everyone,
i would to present an example by (nader khalili), he took the aghakan prize for this one,
he used sand as a construction material, he made by it dooms and volts.
this example may help us....
search on (nader khalili) and you'll see more.
like how he use sand as a material & and how he keep it stable
i know you'll love it i really like it...tell my your opinions.
sorry for no pictures but i can't upload ( i don't know why).

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GAMETIME........ extra fun :)





Hello Everyone

I enjoyed very much yesterday ... ur were all great
well done

see u after a while


Week 1 Timetable

Download PDF version
it's the same as u have on paper with only the last item changed to free discussion.

Please if u find useful links about sustainablity and architecture, comment here and write it down.
I made a small page using google page creator to add such things so that it can't be lost among other posts that will follow on the blog, I'll add also to the sidebar if necessary


Voting 4 next Film.

We have 2 choises 4 the next video film we'll watch next week ISA.
1- Burj el Arab Hotel at Dubai. (the building & constarction) -English Language-
2- Dubai Palm Island. -English Language-

plz . we wanna many comments coz ur choise will effect.


"jesuite" programe

i recomand : Chromatics & "Sout fel za7ma"

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