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Tuesday, July 04, 2006 

Voting 4 next Film.

We have 2 choises 4 the next video film we'll watch next week ISA.
1- Burj el Arab Hotel at Dubai. (the building & constarction) -English Language-
2- Dubai Palm Island. -English Language-

plz . we wanna many comments coz ur choise will effect.

i prefer the palm island ...nermine nofal

2 options orayebeen men ba3d , f fekret enohom eletnen 3an tanfeez 7aga ...

may be u r right eman espically that both of them at the same country. honestly i know the content of th1 1st choise , but about the 2nd( palm island) i don't know the conetnt of it , if the film is talking about the constarction or about the island itself and the dream of it after a while.
add to that those choises is the avaiable at me now. except to some other films about the politics ;)
and i think it is the last subject we wanna talk about it. :D wat u see;)?

a small note.
I'm so sorry about the duplication of the subject. it is my 1st time. so 4give me :)

maybe politics is good too ya heba.....
anyway i still prefer palm island..even if itsthe dream of it after a while...
dnt worry about the dublication i 4got to sign up and wrote my name and its nt "my first time"

hmmm.... difficult to choose, we can see both of them :) but if you want a choice; I prefer Dubai Palm Island because I don't know that much about it.

politics.. why it's the last subject we want talk about??
maybe coz we were brought up with the politics and religion as things we can't talk about even between one and himself.
anyway, I'd rather see a normal film than a documentary one, even if the normal one talks about politics :).
another thing, about the meeting on this thrusday at the end of the day, eng. Ebtsam told us that we may have lunch or so on this time, why we don't make sth like a forum between us and talk about sth we might all be intersted into. about a book, a movie, cinema in present Egypt, politics, etc.. we can choose a topic later if the idea itself is acceptable.
don't worry for the duplication, easily deleted :)

mesh 3aref bas momken the palm island....
& ana zy mido bfdal en bab el7war ytfat7 bena fe ay magal men elmagalat mesh shart el3mara 23tked en dah hydena elkodra 3la elt3awon akter.....

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sorry for leavint yesterday but i had a enmergancy call and i had to go... i see movies here thats great, okay its too close from each other and we r in the summer..so i give a voice to Palm Island...u will like it people isa

I give my vote for dubai hotel i think it's more interesting

I go with "Burj el Arab Hotel at Dubai" i think its more usefull

i also prefer the hotel...
we had a little discussion about the palm project earlier this year with Dr. SALAH...he viewed the project as a non-enviromental designed one...anyway, i still think that we can watch the hotel movie and discuss the other project with Dr.salah later on..

hi ya gamila i perfer
Dubai Palm Island.


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