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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 

Trip feed back

to7fa, you have to be more specific, what did you not like about the trip?????, is it the destinations that we went to??, the preparation of the trip????, the people who accomanied u??? :),well!!! i think the dissappointmnet came first form our first stop where we expected to see a a good example in the Misr University for science and technology, but still, i like to look at the good side, we have to see things ourselves even if we didn't agree with it, it gives u a whole different experience than reading it in a book.second stop, el Harranya,well the second dissapointment came because the place was almost empty and it was their vacation day, BUT we got to see the museum, and the beautifull carpet weaving, the pottery museum of nabil darwish inaddition to BAdee3 gorgy museum that had the aghakhan award. the third stop, we visited the ceramic center in the fustat and i think we have a nice tour and it is a subject we can discuss it in a seperate session. last stop was the Sehimy house, which for me it was the first time visit and i reall was happy to visit this beautifull house and it should have added to all of us the reall experience of environmental design. Finally i have to admit that i was soooooo happy to get closer to all of you and to share together this nice experience and am looking forward to other trips with all of u guys :), TO7FA, may be u should have eaten the hamam el ma7shy, it would have changed your idea about the trip;)

I'm totaly agree wiz u Dr. heba. that is my feeling excatlly. but the disappoinment part , it is come b4 the Misr university, it is come when the bus is broken down at alex. & we r late about 2 and half an hour. espicallyi wasn;t asleep this day except 2 hours only.
And about misr university. i felt so sad after we visited it. coz i was admoire this building & proud of it. espically that it is a presentbuilding, in egypt, designed by an egyptain architecture.
but generally, i enjoyed the trip. espically we r all their. knowing each others. be nearer.
And i recomend that at the begining of every work shop ISA,a trip like this will be usefull.
and i ask another trip when we will finish our workshop. but this time, i hope it will be an entertanment one ;)

To7fa sorry but the trip was good my be the destnation is bad but wow a lot of great things begain witn Mosa Wasef.... and el se7emy and warshet el 7`azaf and ending witht the greaaaaaaaaatttt

Kosharyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :0
and game3 el azhar it is so great i didnt want to go out of it

it was a good trip not great but good

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

I find some information here.

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