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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 



Dear workshop participants :
I have been fulltime working with u for just the past three days .
At first i want to thanks all of u for ur efforts and good interaction during the past days , and these are the most important news :

  • Eslam sala7 have finished about 400 bricks alone in two days
  • Mohamed elshami also have finished 400 brick alone in two days
  • Hany bakr and Hany 7ana are good team work they finished 180 bricks in two hours .
  • Ahmed ibrahim pretend to work in bricks but he did nothing at all for the past two days and he may have an early holiday .
    Salman , Mido & Amr were working for the past 3 days on the ceiling design and they have to finish it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on other side they see working with mud bricks is disgusting enough to work with (katakit expect salman tab3an ;) )
  • Sherif elzoghabi , Salah and Taymour are really good persons they help in many works .
  • Sherif farag is working hard on the site , today he finished the footings after graving the ground yesterday.
  • Nermin , Noha , Rana , Mahitab were designing the interior , the door and windows , they talk too much they drink Nescafe too much they take break too much but the make good work at the end .

  • Heba mo2nes , Sara , Marianne , Aya , work with Reham elrasoul on documentation and studies ( a really good team work ) and we hope to have a CD at the end of the workshop .
  • Eman and Mariam are really enthusiastic , they assist in many works specially in bricks and mud works ( hah ya midoooo )
  • sherif esmat help as he could .
  • Zagloul is working on the virtual modelling using ECO-TEC program.
  • Khaled made a magnifique model with foam and plaster , and he worked hard with sherif farag in the footings .
  • Dr.Heba visit us twice a day to supervise and visual documentation and the most important to make parties and funny mode over all
  • Dr.salah visit us as much as he could to supervise and for scientific advices
  • Ahmed hassan in spite of his holiday he came twice to work on design and footings
  • Reham ahmed is working on documentation
  • Ahemd hussein is managing the work progress between site and design .

We know that we can finish the mud room in the next few days , today we was happy when we saw the footing finished, we just need concentration in work progress and we will have at the end a mud master piece isa , thank you again and " 7abet 3azm 7abet 7amas ...... tel2a"

انا فرحانه لأننا وضعنا الأساس و كنا عايزين نشتغل فيه معاكوا لكن زعلانه علشان حيخلص الأسبوع الجاي واحلى حاجه لما بشمهندس احمد حسين كان بيحفر وبشمهندس خالد الديب بيرص طوب الأساس و بشمهندس احمد حسن بيتفرج ويقلس على فكره دا عادي جدا عند البشمهندس حتى مع اصحابه!!!!!!!!????????????????

el design khlas khels w kont sh3'al 2ablha fe design el room kolha, blash el 7eqd dah b2a 3shan ento sh3'aleen feel mud ba2lko kam youm :P, w ba3din e7na 3amleen toob 2abl keda b2a (shoof)
yalla, 7a2ool eih bas

mashi mashi well nescafe wala pizza.......a7san?
anyway mesh faker el 3agina wala eh ...

Conragtulation Group. for this mirecale. I was so happy yesterday when i saw the 1st raw of bricks were on the earth. wat a feeling. Hope the building continue safely ISA.

But l'm so sorry 4 my absence 2day. i was having a wedding party yesterday. & i came homa at 3 am. so i couldn't finish my job yesterday. & i couldn't wake up early too. so i have to apologize from Eng. Reham Rasol, & fromm all of u. promising to finish my work tomorrow. & if 2morrow is vacation. , saturdayISA.

7abet sabr 7abet 7amas
yab2a el7elm sora we soot

متشكرين يا بشمهندس أحمد....مع انهم231 طوبة مش 180

I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative.

alslamo 3likom
ana s3eeed...............hahaha

alslamo 3likom....tany
ana motafa2l.....isa....hnengez whykoon elmshroo3 dah meeeeeet fol w3shra......

I find some information here.

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