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Tuesday, July 25, 2006 

bokra we bas isa

law 3ayzin nekhalas bokra hankhalas isa , we law 3ayzin kaman osbo3 hano3od osbo3 , ya rab nekhalas bokra we yeb2a 3andena esrar begad enena nekhalas 3ashan kolena netla3 re7la elsa7el kolena sawa bas dr.heba tezeno 3aleiha tefadelna nafsaha yom elsabt elgay men elsob7 welbanat yebda2o men delwa2ty ye7adaro el2akl welwelad ye7adaro kaman .

well Ahmed, do u really think we can finish the worshop tomorrow, specially that i new that the exterior will take a day after putting the ceiling so that any crackes can be covers and then if we need to color it it would take another day....well may be by thursday or so. as for the sa7el it is a great idea, although saturday i am not yet sure i can leave the office all day, well we can discuss the date later, what i need u first to think about an oppening ceremony for " el ser7 el kebeeeer" that was built :) in the workshop, and to be an opertunity to talk about the whole experience and get a feed back from the students and what they have gained from participating in this workshop ( an assesment)

hi ...i think this opening ceremony will be a gr8 idea....to talk about the whole thing....but i know it may be too selfish but i ll be gone for a week and this event is so important to me to share it with you as i attended everyday in theworkshop (exept 1 day )so i feel it became a part of me and this ceremony will be so important to ...so if it s ok to pospone it 4 a week ..till 4.8..if not i ll be happy to see a summary .. thanx
ah the sahel thing is a gr8 idea and dont worry about the food e3tebro gahez ya bash mohandes

azoun enfekret el sa7el dih teganen :) bas mazounesh enha momken tenfa3 le koulouh :(
we aszoun en fekret enena ne7'alas bokra wonderfull bas mzounesh en dah momken ye7sal :)
i hope en el etnyn yet7a2ahouh bas naw3an ma i will live el tafa2oul we anzour benzra ou7'ra O O

talama han2ool AZON we AZON yab2a lesa mafesh 3azeema
bn2oooool 3azema n7'alas bokra boso olooo warayeaa 10 Mraat
" isa han7'alas bokra ..........."
" isa hanro7 al sa7eel alsabt...."
" isa dr./Heba we kolenna hanroo7"
kol mat2ool akteer yab2a
hanengez isa asr3

hie all
delwa2ty 2adar arou7 azoun bera7ty azoun enna ma7'lsanash el nahrada dah lih 3ashan e7na (azoun) kona mafroud ne7'alas 15 we 3ala fekra ana mesh za3lana bel3aks ana far7ana bas (azoun) en kan fih 3azima bas bardouh ma7'alsnash el nahrda lih mesh 3ashan e7na a3din bas 3ashan dah el wake3333333
we ana mesh ba2oul el kalm dah we ana za3lana 3ashan el byt ma7'alssh bas ana shyfa en el nas betshta3'l we bet3mel el 3aliha we mankersh enny bal3ab ketir :)

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