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Sunday, August 06, 2006 

Complete our LAST LIST

where are you guys ?!!!!!!

It was so sad that nobody showed up last Saturday, although we all agreed on that last week.
It was so sad that the few who went today had left and didn't even call, although we all know what is the remaining work, and we all have each other numbers.

I know that the building period had doubled and we are all tired, but ... HEY ... it is the last day ya shabab . don't you see that the moment we make the last touch worth beeing all together ?!!

anyway, ... I will be there tomorrow at 11:00 to finish the remaining work with whoever wants to come.

p.s. Bring all your tools and instruments with you
p.s. Waiting for your suggestions for the last list :) (the last dinner - the last picture - the last ...... )
p.s. I will prepare myself for a last match after we finish. who is with me?

yezhar ya ahmed en elnas fayaset menena :)

al hamdolellah 3ala keda ya handasa
wee b3d keda n3meel lelnas alyee hateshta3'l sebaa2 fe al nafs al taweel
we da saheel b2zn allah shwayeet blalin we hatll3lk alnas al ftsanaa ;)

مش عارفة ممكن اكتب ايه
انا اسفة انا نفسي قصير
بس ده كان اول مرة نفسي يطول للدرجة دي
شكرا انكم استحملتونا
و موجود ما بيننا روح الاصحاب

hello bashm.
ana 7awelt wallahi bas kol elnas mosh mawgoda ra7o yesaifo we fi nas 3andaha tadreeb we sho3'l .....
bas ana 7a7awel agi bokra ensha2 allah we atanesh el training

walhhhhhhhhhy ana kan nefsy agy bas mesh be2dyday makountesh fih alex assan we akid el nas el tanay kan 3andah zerouf bardouh

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