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Sunday, August 13, 2006 


6:00 – 6:40 Reception
6:40 – 7:30 Presentation
7:30 – 8:00 Coffee break
8:00 – 8:30 Open discussion
Hi everybody,that was tomorrow's official program and here is some notions:
  • We will meet there at 12:00 Isa to finish some final touches in the building and the party

  • The open discussion is essential for exchanging thoughts with others and for getting some sort of feedback, so we ought to seize this opportunity to have some real objective discussions with other fine minds (It is not just about celebrating and looking good, it is about presenting our work and have an honest feedback and assessment)

  • It's August folks … it is a casual party, … be comfortable with your clothes

  • This whole thing is about you; therefore, I'm waiting now for your comments and ideas about the organization of the day (the whole day … starting from 12:00). We can go with any idea that concern any part of tomorrow. The idea must be innovative, useful, simple, fast to implement and maybe funny.

  • Each one can invite one guest from his friends (sorry for the limited place)

  • Bring your cameras and laptops if you can

  • Any idea about the launch (for "El3'alaba" who will come from 12:00) is welcome

  • It's important to be all at 12:00 , (or should I say 11:00?)

I'm waiting for comments NOW!!

salam 3alekum ....well i find the program good.however i think that the discussion time is not enough...so i suggest either to take time from the coffee break or start the whole thing earlier .....
i m sorry i wont be able to participate from 12 ....

Good program
for the discussion i think we need to define main notes to talk about better than an open discussion

about the disscussion time i agree with u nermine, if the disscussion was (hot) it will be extended.
the starting time was specified by HANDS..

about the disscussion notes, i'm waiting for suggestion then we can write these points to the one who will moderate the disscussion


we need tomorrow:
1. good speakers
2. soft copy of good music tracks

ana gayeeeet slamo 3alikom

Al salam alekom .... Salman is here now

wa2t al coffe yadoob 3alla ad al m3da f a7na yaima nzood wa2t al dis. yaimaa nbd2 badryee shewayeea 15 minit ya3nyee nsheel shewayeea mn wa2t al astekbal

al salam alekom... i agre with Eng.Kabreet and Nermeen... the discussion must be more free not too formal.. and about the speakers i can hand a thing in it .. also there is shereef farag and Heba Mo2nes... but i say that we can give it to the younger to have that chance in a thing like that and we can be supervision... wait my ideas soon isa

el salamouh 3alikoum
ana kaman gyyyyyt (nermo;))
ana bardouh en el progremme is good ahhhh we be7'sous el 3'alaba elhy e7na momken ne2dyha akl min ay 7etta zay kol mara ya3ny ay 7etta dih fat7ala aw batteih ba2a min hands

ok i have an idea .. at the workshop we god a lot of teams be differant in a lot of things ... so we can make a two teams in that dis. or may be we can make a
copitation around the bulding like why we did that and how we did that that quistions and 2 teams it will be funny useful and there will be a spirit in it.. mmm oh yes we can but some pics we had in that workshope to vote the best shot... we can order it by printeing a hard copy from that pic in a4 size and give it a vote and see the results.. please dont forget to invite Dr.Mo2nes

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ah maho ento ma3akom feloos ... :( ya ami

alwellad fe al seka :D

well Salman, i mean computer speakers :)))

Speakers aahhhhhh..... la la ma7`demaksh... el mohem eh ra2y 7adretec fel ideas beta3ty


eaza kanet 3ala el felous sahala momken nelemaha menkoum
ama 3ala el speaker fa dih 3ala 7ad tanny 3ashan el speaker beta3ty bayza

by the way matensosh tesalo rak3teen keyam lel ... we ed3o lekol el nas

msa2 el fol................
ra2y ana en el program kways
- reception 6 to 6:30
- presentation 6:30 to 7:15
- coffe break 7:15 to 7:45
- discussion 7:45 to 8:45
el mohm 3ayzeen nltzm
bel wa2222222222222t
w ya rab y7las 3la

i didn't understand ur first idea Salman.
i think the second one is good
can u handle it?

u can start by calling everybody to bring CD tomorrow with all the pictures he has.

we sure invited Dr Mones

give me the Numbers then leave every thing to me isa.... and about the first idea..
momken na3mel fare2een we nebda2 nena2esh 7agat 3ala el 2*2*2 3an tare2 asw2ela lel fare2en dol wely yegama3 no2at aktar... it will be funny and usefull...

there is a new post please u must check it all its important

numbers of what?

i think the idea of the mosab2a will be fine , but give us details

hello ...........
bosso momken yekoune 7elw bas rassmi awi... we kont batasa2al about " cofee break"

ana baktare7 bas enena nezabat elnas eli sa3doona men hands we bas thanks

i like the simple program, it won't b formal awy ya3ny ahmed , "i think ya3ny "
akeed 7an2adiha zekrayat , 7atta law meratebeen 7agat netkallem 3anha :)))

i'm sorry enny mehs 7a2dar agy men badry

just to know......

hwa meen belsalato 3ala elnaby keda elly 7ayeegy elsa3a 12:00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

isa gayn badry bas momken 3ala 12we 7'amsa :)))))))))

mmmm ma3lesh ...ana la2 ...i agree with henkesh we can do sth lel nas el sa3duna

who r u ami?


3ala fekra, the discussion time can be longer, it all depends on what is said and will it be a hot discussion or not, i don't think we will ring a bell at 8:30.
every one should about the whole workshop and think of things to say

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