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Monday, July 17, 2006 

Hi all....

Hi all, I'm so sorry; I won't be able to continue the workshop :(

Sorry Dr. Heda, sorry all organizers, sorry all. The period that I came was very useful for me, and I listened to lectures for the professors about a subject that I wasn't interested in before, so I knew new things from the workshop, and I also had fun with you all in the trip :) so, thank you all.

If you accept my apolgy please post me a comment.

Bye all...

msh mota7'ayieel alye bt2oloo ya wad enta

:( 3eeb 3alik al plog da bt3na kolina

ya reit elba2ai eli mesh beigo yeb2o mo7taramin zayak we yenta2o

we have to repect ur reasons. but i was wishing to continue wiz us. to c the final product. & whenever u have a free time. come to c us while we r building the building :D

thanx ya shekh .. for ur respect.
lazem te3addy 3alena , ettamen 3ala l bait ta2reeban e7na odamna 5 seneen fnafs l makan "7aneb2a ahl l kahf "

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

I find some information here.

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