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Thursday, July 06, 2006 

Exhibition In Manhaten

hi everone
first i would like to thank the staff who is working with us hard
then i would like to show this exhibition in manhaten for computer wich was known by wrong that it was made to be like el kaaba and to destory the face of el islam because it was coverd with a black to protect it at first and they think that building will be used as a casino and that is wrong idea and it was send to many pepole by email so i ask from u to change this idea .
This building has an under ground floor and the uper is the logo of the company and it was all made of glass .

1st thanks 4 ur explaination.
Yes that email was so populated through the net. and transeferd so quickley by the forumes and groups.
so i just ask 9 4 all of us)not to forward any mail, b4 just be ensurment about the information.
thanks again

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