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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 

first post ..... first impressions

Hi everyone ,
this is the opening post for our 2006 summer workshop blog.

Title: "Environmental Design and Energy Efficiency"
Place: Faculty of Fine Arts / "HANDS"
Date: from 1/7/2006 to 20/7/2006

Other organization data will be subsequently posted ...
Waiting for your first impressions, thoughts, and notions ...

The first day was very successful, i personally enjoyed myself very much especially the mud brick part:)

hello .. I agree with u doc and I see this workshop is very usefull and so funny.
I thing all of us are active to make it ensha2 allah

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I'm so happy with this workshop. and its subject. coz it is really an imp. item . how to sustain our life.the passed two days was so interesting, joyable.I hope we can make something and conclude a result that change our life .
ISA after 3 weeks we 'll feel the diffrence. :)

Great Day with Great people.. so usfull i like it so much and i like the way its going.. i hope we keep it up and have a good final result.... and isa after 3 weeks "i ll be Different"

.These 2 days i was listening to our subject with my mind and heart.......
and thought of the huge damage humans did to the earth..(i ve always known that but it was a confrontation)...i was depressed and i think that we have a great responsibility as humans to improve the situation...and a greater one as architects...
so this workshop may be the door to many or even few of us to make it better.
IT is also a chance to get out of the box...

the previous comment was my comment...........not anonymous(forgot to sign up)

Hi all... I'm so sorry for being late to comment on the first post, and I want to say that I'm so happy participating in this workshop, and ISA we'll poduce a good result at the end, and I want to thank the staff and the organisers for the co-operation with students.

hello bash mohandes ahmed ana ahmed hassan sorry 7asal error fel 2l invet 2ly 7adretak b3athaly yaret 7adretak tb3athaly tany thanks...

sorry but i have an error in my invitation . . can any body send me an invitation again plz !!!

wana cman :( plez
to7fa6000@ aye 7aga hatenf3 isa

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

I find some information here.

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